Business Transactions Tax

While many law firms defer to accountants regarding the financial side of running a business, Gordon Law has accountants on staff with tax and corporate experience. This is one of the many reasons that we offer our clients with the opportunity to allow us assist them in handling all of their business transaction tax needs. Any type of business transaction – takeovers, mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, joint ventures, general sales, stock/asset purchases – must carefully consider how business transaction tax is involved.

No matter what the size of a transaction, Gordon Law can produce the results that each client needs to ensure that the future of their business remains secure. We work with business owners, brokers, accountants, and investment bankers with business transaction tax issues. Not only do we have services that are beneficial within the United States, but we are more than capable of helping clients on the international level, as well.

Gordon Law Assists with General Tax Planning

General tax planning is an essential cornerstone for businesses and individuals who participate in the realm of business. Not only do we have an extensive amount of experience with taxation, white collar criminal defense, and malpractice, but we also have highly trained accountants on staff that can help our clients implement certain procedures and systems in order to best protect businesses, distinguishing Gordon Law from many other firms.

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