Tax Lawyer v. Tax Resolution Service

Oct 18, 2018

picture to accompany tax resolution service blog post Every time you turn on the television, there’s a 97.2 percent chance you’ll sit through a commercial for a “tax resolution” service. Most claim to be experts that can fix any and all tax debt problems! They make hard promises, which sound wonderful. So the question is: Are tax resolution services everything they promise?

Below, we’ll review a few differences between working with a tax lawyer as opposed to a tax resolution service.

Tax Lawyer v. Tax Resolution Service: Who’s Behind The Curtain?

Many commercials for tax resolution services claim to be “IRS tax attorneys,” but they never reveal the name of a lawyer or legal practice. Ever wonder why? It’s typically because the company is not actually a law firm, but instead a lead-generating marketing company.

You may be thinking: “So what if it’s a lead-generation company.” And in some cases, you’re right. Plenty of lead generation companies have viable contacts with qualified firms.

But then there are the other ones — the ones that don’t, the scammers that can lead you down a disaster path. After all, do you want to be shuffled to an upstart attorney, with zero experience, who graduated at the bottom of their class from a non-licensed law school, just because they paid $50 for a lead? Wouldn’t you rather avoid the risk and find a tax law attorney with a proven track record?

Tax Lawyer v. Tax Resolution Service: Marketing and Professional Standards

Working with a tax law attorney provides better recourse protection. For example, if you know the lawyer with whom you’re working, any issues that arise can be referred to the local Bar association.

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