The moment you receive notice of , a tax attorney should be called. Tax attorneys will assist you in the entire tax audit process whether it’s organizing returns and documents, discussing auditor’s probing questions and how to answer, resolving issues with the audit, or defending you in front of the IRS tax auditor. Taxpayers should not represent themselves because it may result in misrepresentation; the IRS utilizes taxpayers’ ignorance of their rights and acquires more incriminating information. A tax attorney will find errors in the ways of the IRS or even the client in order to best handle the audit and prepare for the hearing. Even if you are not required to appear before a tax auditor, a tax attorney should still be contacted in order to best aid in preparing documentation to be sent to the IRS. Tax attorneys have the knowledge and insight to best defend and represent you in an audit hearing, making the intimidating experience of receiving a tax audit painless and simple.

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