About James Cortez

James Cortez is the Manager of Private Client Services in the Cryptocurrency Department. He has been a cryptocurrency tax analyst at Gordon Law Group since 2019 and has prepared hundreds of crypto tax returns. He now focuses on clients with high trade volume and complex activity.

James studied at Harper College and Western Illinois University, earning his bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology/Exercise Science with a minor in Business Management. After working as a personal trainer and club manager, in 2016, he became an administrative assistant at Gordon Law Group, where he developed a passion for cryptocurrency investing.

By maintaining his own trading records, James quickly realized the need for bookkeepers who understand the cryptocurrency world. He made it a personal goal to help cryptocurrency traders with their taxes and record keeping. He has been instrumental in growing the crypto tax team at Gordon Law Group and unraveling the most complex transaction histories.

In 2018, James spent 2 months volunteering in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. He rang in 2019 at the famed Crypto Mansion in San Juan with early crypto investors like Brock Pierce and Rhett Creighton.

Outside of cryptocurrency, James enjoys sports and fitness, music, and playing Call of Duty.

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Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology & Exercise Science, Western Illinois University