Katrina Fill Highlights

  • Master of Science in Accounting, Roosevelt University
  • Master of Public Administration, Northern Illinois University

About Katrina Fill

Katrina Fill is an Accountant in our Cryptocurrency Department, where she works with clients to create accurate crypto tax returns.

Katrina has an extensive background in finance and administration. She earned her Master of Science in Accounting from Roosevelt University and Master of Public Administration from Northern Illinois University. She spent 7 years as a financial analyst in both municipal and federal government, as well as 6 years in grant management in higher education and the nonprofit sector. During this time, she completed all coursework as a Public Finance Ph.D. student at the University of Illinois Chicago.

Katrina has had a passion for tax for nearly half of her life. Her main research interests include the revenue diversification strategies and fiscal coping mechanisms of cities during recessions. She also loves cryptocurrency for its equity-based solutions and the economic relief it provides regular and disadvantaged people worldwide.

In her spare time, Katrina enjoys abstract painting, creating mixed media collages, and making spaces beautiful.