Uber’s Terms of Service Are Now More #MeToo-Friendly

May 30, 2018

mobile phone with the word Uber to accompany article about Uber's terms of service #metoo changes After a spate of scandals, Uber is working hard to resurrect its reputation — in time for a rumored 2019 IPO. The company has launched a massive TV advertising campaign, and it’s also updated its terms of service agreement to align with #metoo initiatives.

How Did Uber’s Terms of Service Change?

Under Uber’s old terms of service, customers, drivers, and employees were bound to a mandatory arbitration clause for conflicts involving sexual assault or harassment. The parameter also forbade the formation of, or participation in, a class action claim. Finally, all arbitration settlements were tied with a non-disclosure bow

The new policy does away with forced arbitration for sexual assault and harassment cases. It does not, however, eradicate the class action ban; individuals can sue individually, but not collectively. Moreover, we should note that the change only applies to sexual assault matters; all other conflicts fall under the forced arbitration clause.

Tony West, Uber’s chief legal officer, explained:

“It’s important to give sexual assault, and harassment survivors control of how they pursue their claims. So moving forward, survivors will be free to choose to resolve their individual claims in the venue they prefer. They will be free to tell their story wherever and however they see fit.”

Uber also announced that it’s working with approximately 80 women’s organizations to develop a transparency report that will delineate “sexual assaults and other episodes that take place on the ‘uber platform.’”

Silicon Valley Is Making #metoo-friendly Moves

Uber isn’t the only Silicon Valley corporation making #metoo moves. Lyft and Microsoft have also removed mandatory arbitration stipulations from their terms of service agreements.

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