Let Them Game! Esports Can Lead to a College Scholarship!

Aug 13, 2019

Yes, video games are a viable path to academic and career success. Just ask Julia Cwierz of Vauxhall. The 21-year-old player parlayed her love for League of Legends into a university scholarship and a first-class law degree.

From Teenage Gamer to Esports College Scholarship

At the age of 13, Cwierz discovered League of Legends and started playing online. Attracted to the strategy aspect, Cwierz became a “jungler” — an in-game position that serves as a team’s tactics advisor. It didn’t take too long before she was competing.

And it paid off. The University of Roehampton offered Cwierz the first esports scholarship in the United Kingdom. She became the school’s League of Legends‘ club captain, and her team went on to compete in the National University Esports League twice.

Julia Cwierz: Esports or Law in the Future?

Cwierz recently graduated with the equivalent of a pre-law degree and won the Oxford University Press Law Prize, awarded to the highest overall law graduate. When asked about balancing gaming and maintaining impressive grades, she said:

“Competing in eSports whilst studying an intensive course like law was challenging due to the additional extracurricular activities I have engaged in such as volunteering and professional experience, but I wouldn’t have changed anything.”

Cwierz says her next step is training to become a solicitor, but she hasn’t put esports behind her. Recently, Cwierz participated in a VidCon panel that focused on the profitability of esports. She’s also indicated that she’d likely spend the year between earning her solicitor’s license and joining a firm in the esports ecosystem. When asked, Cwierz explained, “Looking ahead, I am primarily focusing on my legal career but by no means am I ruling out the eSports path.”

Currently, Cwierz enjoys Diamond rank status, putting her in the top 1.5% of Western Europe’s League of Legend players.

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