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Our experienced team of business lawyers is skilled at identifying potential bombs before they blow and pinpointing overlooked cost-saving strategies.

Don’t wait until a problem lands on your doorstep—preventative legal counsel can save you money, time, and a lot of headaches.

Business law services

Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyer
Our business lawyers provide the legal edge in M&A law by leveraging our boardroom knowledge and tax savvy. We'll help you get maximum benefits from your M&A deal!
Contract Lawyer
We draft, negotiate, and enforce contracts with your business’s legal and financial needs in mind. Rest easy knowing our experienced business law team is looking out for you.
Business Formation
The business formation lawyers at Gordon Law Group help clients save substantially by guiding them toward the best business structure for their long-term interests.
Startup Law
Create a strong legal footing from the beginning with the guidance of our experienced startup lawyers. Protect your assets, minimize your tax liability, and avoid legal pitfalls.
Intellectual Property Lawyer
Intellectual property is an often-overlooked and under-valued asset for any business. Our experienced business lawyers can assist with both protection and defense of your valuable IP assets.

What can a business lawyer do for you?

Business law is not just for active disputes. A good business lawyer helps you grow, strategize, and prevent problems throughout every stage of your company’s life, and that’s exactly what Gordon Law Group has done for businesses of all sizes.

Many of our business clients have partnered with us from the very beginning, which means we’ve seen—and solved—all manner of complex problems. When you choose a business lawyer to stand by your side, you want someone who’s seen it all.

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    One-stop shop for business law, taxes, and accounting

    We give your business a competitive advantage by offering legal, tax, and accounting services all in one place. Our holistic approach, informed by decades of experience, saves you money and protects you from liability at every turn.

    Most importantly, we’re committed to providing personal, prompt attention to each and every client. With Gordon Law Group, you not only have experience on your side, but a dedicated, passionate team of attorneys you can always rely on.

    From the boardroom to the courtroom, we help businesses!

    At Gordon Law Group, we help businesses understand the finer points of corporate law. Here is a brief outline of what we can do:

    • We can give you legal advice at any stage of your life. We can help a company go public, and we can help them raise capital. We can help you to buy or sell a business, and we can also help you to facilitate a merger.
    • We can help individuals maximize and defend their business. Our experienced attorneys can handle all aspects of corporate law, and we can help you with every step of your business’s life. We can work as an advocate for our clients, and we can work on their behalf in dealing with complex corporate litigation, white-collar crimes, shareholder disputes, and all other related matters.

    If you want to find out how we can help you in every aspect of corporate law, get in touch with us today!

    Business law has many aspects that come into play, so often the best solution for businesses is to hire a knowledgeable firm that can work with them throughout every stage of business development. In doing so, they can stay up-to-date on the latest modifications to Chicago business law and embrace tactics that have been proven to work for many businesses.

    Gordon Law is thankful to have the opportunity to work with businesses of all sizes for their legal needs. Many businesses have used our firm to plan out their business from the very beginning throughout the entire existence of their business. This provides us with a lot of hands-on experience and exposure to complex situations that have helped us develop a sound strategy that’s sure to produce the results that our clients demand.

    A Thorough Understanding of What Needs to Be Done

    With such a vast amount of experience in the complex world of business, it’s quite clear to whom we do business with that we have a lot of knowledge to back up what we advise, as well as what we accomplish. Chicago Business law is a complex legal area that is constantly changing, yet we stay on top of everything at all times. We also understand the economic environment, allowing a complete understanding of all aspects of companies doing business in today’s day and age. It’s with this level of understanding that we’re able to provide companies of all sizes a completely unique legal offering tailored specifically to them.

    Dedicated Professionals Working for their Best Interest

    Many law firms take on such large caseloads that they simply do not have the time or amount of team members needed to provide each client with the undivided attention each client and case deserves. At Gordon Law, however, each one of our clients gets a dedicated professional that can help devise the absolute best legal solution for them. By getting to know our clients, we can develop extremely strong relationships which allow us to produce the best possible results for each client.

    Keeping a Business’s Best Interests in Mind

    Many Chicago firms will advise their clients that only the issues at hand should be focused on. However, the most effective solution is one that consists of planning, implementation, and prevention – focusing on every aspect and every issue a business may potentially face, not just the ones at hand. This is exactly why Gordon Law offers its clients a wide array of services to ensure that they’re taken care of throughout the entire process of owning a business.