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If you sell, market, or promote anything online, ecommerce law compliance is a must. Our team of experienced ecommerce lawyers will help you maximize profits while complying with state, federal, and international laws.

Ecommerce law services

FTC Defense Lawyer
Get the best FTC defense lawyers on your side! Gordon Law Group has negotiated settlements for pennies on the dollar, and we’re one of the few firms to successfully reverse an asset freeze and receivership in court against the FTC.
Advertising Compliance Review
An advertising compliance review could be the difference between life or death for your business. The FTC is a notoriously ruthless opponent with the power to freeze assets or take over your business. Make sure you're protected!
Ecommerce Tax
Need a professional who understands ecommerce tax inside and out? Our ecommerce lawyers will guide through your sales tax obligations, file state tax returns, and even handle bookkeeping. We deal with the legalese so you can focus on driving sales!
Internet Law
Is your business legally protected when it comes to online activity? In the modern business landscape, it’s crucial to have a cutting-edge legal team on your side to minimize risks and fight for your rights.
Online Privacy & Data Security Law
Our skilled internet law attorneys can help you craft strong data security and privacy policies to reduce risk—and powerfully defend you in an active case.

What can an ecommerce lawyer do for you?

Our experienced ecommerce lawyers can help shield you from fines, lawsuits, and asset seizure brought by government agencies such as the FTC. We’ve had a focus on this industry since 2013, and our experience in the niche is unparalleled. 

Not only do ecommerce businesses have state, federal, and international regulations to follow—they also must adhere to the terms of various selling platforms, and noncompliance could result in account suspension.

Our ecommerce law firm can serve as your staunch defender in an active case, or proactively review your marketing materials, affiliate contracts, and online policies to ensure you’re fully protected under the law. Whatever your situation, we’ll develop a custom, refined strategy around your unique needs.

Most importantly, we’re committed to providing personal, prompt attention to each and every client. With Gordon Law Group, you not only have experience on your side, but a dedicated, passionate team of attorneys you can always rely on.

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What is ecommerce?

Ecommerce is exactly as the name suggests, “electronic commerce.” Any business, person, or animal (looking at you, Geico lizard) who sells any product or service via digital means is engaged in ecommerce.

A significant chunk of the ecommerce pie is “e-tail,” or virtual storefronts. Amazon and other online selling platforms open to third-party participation are a huge part of the e-tail model.

Hiring an ecommerce lawyer helps online businesses achieve long-lasting success by ensuring they follow the complex laws governing ecommerce.

Ecommerce lawyer: Regulations you need to know

Online sellers and marketers are subject to the same laws, rules, and regulations as every other business and promoter in the United States. In addition, they must comply with statutes that directly affect the ecommerce ecosystem, including (to name just a few):

We’ve been working with affiliate marketers and online sellers for years. Our experience in the niche is unparalleled and personal—every client works with an experienced ecommerce attorney.