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Influencer Marketing LawyerAn Attorney for Marketing Influencers

Marketing influencers are subject to several laws and regulations, including Truth in Advertising standards and the Dot Com Disclosures. Our law firm works with social media influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pintrest, Twitch, and Twitter.

The FTC aggressively pursues influencers who flout guidelines. The fines are often steep, and authorities punish both the involved companies and personalities.

Do it Yourself Influencer Contracts can Land You in Trouble

Marketing influencer contracts are exceptionally important, and not using one will likely lead to more legal problems down the road.

Online personalities must consider everything from Federal Trade Commission regulations and various promotional laws. Parents who manage their children's "kidfluencer" careers must also mind child labor laws.

Our Legal Team Works Closely With Marketing Influencers

Social media marketing influencers are an important spoke in today's online promotional ecosystem, and our team understands the compliance parameters inside and out.

Influencer Legal Issues

  1. Federal Trade Commission Compliance
  2. Truth in Advertising Standards
  3. State and Local Marketing Laws
  4. Contract Drafting and Negotiations
  5. Intellectual Property

Consequences for Violating Promotional Standards

Influencers need to follow a host of state, federal, and international guidelines. Failure to do so can lead to crushing fines. Right now, authorities are focused on influencer violations. They're censuring individual marketers and the companies that use them.

Influencer Marketing Legal Blog: News, Views, and Tips

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The majority of brands now work with social media influencers to promote products. But many of those companies aren't legally covering themselves.

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Kidfluencer legal issues

Kidfluencer Law: What You Need To Know

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Buying Social Media Followers: The Legal Risk

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Marketing Law: Sponcon

Sponcon: Does It Invite Legal Trouble?

Sponcon is on the rise, and it is hurting both brands and social media influencers. Jump in to learn about the issue and what to do about it.

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Social Media Law: Ciroc complaint about not properly labeling social media posts as ads

Social Media Law: Ciroc Vodka Is Catching Criticism

Social media marketing is big business, and authorities are cracking down on influencers who don't properly label paid and compensated posts.

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Marketing Law: Suing social media influencers

Can I Sue An Influencer For Under Performing?

Is it possible to sue a social media influencer, whom you've hired to promote a product, for under performing or not delivering new customers?

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Is it legal to pay for negative reviews?

Is it legal for brands and marketers to commission negative fake reviews? After the jump, online marketing lawyer Andrew Gordon tackles the question.

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