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Our advertising and marketing law team is exceptionally knowledgeable about compliance standards. We serve as your aggressive advocates from the courtroom to the boardroom.

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Advertising and marketing law services

FTC Defense Lawyer
Get the best FTC defense lawyers on your side! Gordon Law Group has negotiated settlements for pennies on the dollar, and we’re one of the few firms to successfully reverse an asset freeze and receivership in court against the FTC.
Advertising Compliance Review
An advertising compliance review could be the difference between life or death for your business. The FTC is a notoriously ruthless opponent with the power to freeze assets or take over your business. Make sure you're protected!
Internet Law
Is your business legally protected when it comes to online activity? In the modern business landscape, it’s crucial to have a cutting-edge legal team on your side to minimize risks and fight for your rights.

What can an advertising and marketing lawyer do for you?

Our advertising and marketing attorneys can help shield you from fines, lawsuits, and asset seizure brought by government agencies such as the FTC. We can serve as your staunch defenders in an active case, or proactively review your marketing materials, affiliate contracts, and online policies to ensure you’re fully protected under the law. Whatever your situation, we’ll develop a custom, refined strategy around your unique needs.

We’ve helped clients:

  • Develop ironclad compliance procedures and documentation
  • Land favorable settlement terms
  • Negotiate reduced monitoring and reporting requirements in FTC cases
  • Defend themselves against FTC and state attorney general investigations and claims
  • Secure $0 out-of-pocket restitution settlements
  • Negotiate consent agreements with the FTC, avoiding lengthy and costly legal proceedings

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Save time and money with marketing risk analysis

Don’t wait until the FTC, a government agency, or even a private plaintiff comes knocking before you contact an advertising and marketing lawyer! We’ll review your marketing collateral for compliance with state, federal, and international laws and deliver a risk analysis for the campaign, with suggestions on how to tweak your message or procedures. 

We also help clients develop in-house promotional standards—a smart cost-saving exercise for businesses eager to avoid FTC fines and lawsuits.

One-stop shop for law, taxes, and accounting

We give your business a competitive advantage by offering legal, tax, and accounting services all in one place. Our holistic approach, informed by decades of experience, saves you money and protects you from liability at every turn.

Most importantly, we’re committed to providing personal, prompt attention to each and every client. With Gordon Law Group, you not only have experience on your side, but a dedicated, passionate team of attorneys you can always rely on.

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The FTC has a lot of power; prepare yourself

The Federal Trade Commission, working with attorneys general, can (bluntly speaking) mess with your life and finances. In the midst of marketing and advertising legal actions, the agency has been known to freeze assets, appoint receivers, and repossess cars, jewels, boats, and homes. The FTC also refers criminal cases to the Department of Justice.

As experienced FTC defense lawyers, we’ve helped businesses survive investigations and claims involving:

  • False advertising
  • Unfair business practices
  • Consumer fraud
  • Internet marketing
  • Health products
  • Consumer credit
  • Business opportunities
  • Data security matters

Mobile marketing law

We also help mobile marketers with compliance reviews and FTC investigations involving:

  • Contests
  • Ringtones
  • Promotions
  • Sweepstakes
  • SMS marketing

Since hanging our shingle, Gordon Law has been working with mobile marketing companies. Our attorneys enjoy invaluable niche experience, from both technological and legal angles.

If you’re interested in how we can protect your business and bank account, get in touch. We’ll develop a custom, refined strategy for your particular situation. Additionally, a dedicated, personable attorney will work with you throughout your journey; at Gordon Law, you won’t get passed around like a hot potato.