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Get proven cryptocurrency lawyers on your side! The IRS is coming after crypto owners like never before, so it’s crucial to back up your numbers with rock solid legal know-how. 

Our experienced crypto tax attorneys make your reporting simple. We work with everyone from casual traders to major exchange builders, providing clear guidance through murky legal waters.

Save yourself hours of work and get back to making money, knowing your crypto taxes are in great hands.

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Cryptocurrency law services

Reporting Crypto Taxes
Need help reporting crypto taxes? We’ll help you stay out of the IRS’s warpath and make the most of your digital gains with comprehensive tax reports—as we've successfully done for 100s of traders just like you.
Tax Audit Defense
Our experienced tax attorneys will make the audit process as clear, simple, and painless as possible and fight tirelessly for your best results.
Tax Debt Help
Have you been slapped with an unfair tax bill? Unable to pay off your debt? You need an experienced tax lawyer on your side. We’ve helped countless clients reach a solution that’s fair to them and satisfies the tax authorities.

What can a cryptocurrency lawyer do for you?

Our experienced cryptocurrency lawyers help you keep your gains in your (digital) wallet. In recent years, the IRS has clearly stated its intent to collect taxes from cryptocurrency traders—including back taxes and penalties—yet much of the legal guidance remains unclear, leaving traders uncertain of where to turn for accurate advice.

Gordon Law Group has been at the forefront of cryptocurrency law since 2014, so we know the ins and outs of this complex field. With the help of our cryptocurrency lawyers, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll remain out of the IRS’s crosshairs.

We’ve helped hundreds of cryptocurrency owners avoid an audit (or worse) by correcting their previous tax returns. We’ve also helped traders fight enormous tax bills resulting from improper reporting, settling for pennies on the dollar.

Exceptional service. Unbeatable results. That’s our promise to you.

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Cryptocurrency laws: Local, national, and international considerations

All things considered, cryptocurrency is still a nascent field for which lawmakers and the judiciary have yet to set concrete national governing standards. But a dearth of federal regulations doesn’t mean the market is a lawless free-for-all. In fact, several states have already passed cryptocurrency statutes.

Fintech businesses must comply with various SEC regulations and crowdfunding parameters. And if that’s not enough, since cryptocurrency is very much a decentralized and global affair, in many instances, investors and businesses must also mind international finance laws.

Our cryptocurrency lawyers work with businesses and investors

If you have questions or concerns about a Bitcoin, Ethereum, or altcoin legal issue, our fintech law firm is a resource for solutions. We work with blockchain startups and ICOs, individual investors, venture capital firms, and businesses with cryptocurrency legal concerns.