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All things considered, cryptocurrency is still a nascent field for which lawmakers and the judiciary have yet to set national governing standards. But a dearth of federal regulations doesn't mean the market is a lawless free-for-all. In fact, several states have already passed cryptocurrency statutes.

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Cryptocurrency Laws: Local, National, and International Considerations

Fintech businesses must comply with various SEC regulations and crowdfunding parameters. And if that's not enough, since cryptocurrency is very much a decentralized and global affair, in many instances, investors and businesses must also mind international finance laws.

Cryptocurrency Lawyer: We Work and Consuly With Businesses and Investors

If you have questions or concerns about a Bitcoin, Ethereum, or altcoin legal issue, our fintech law firm is a resource for solutions. We work with blockchain startups and ICOs, individual investors, venture capital firms, and businesses with cryptocurrency legal concerns.

Cryptocurrency Law: News, Views, and Discussions

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Your Crypto Tax Questions, Answered

From the basics (Do I need to report crypto taxes?) to more complex issues (How is mining taxed?), our crypto tax attorneys have your common questions covered!

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Cryptocurrency Audit: How to Avoid an Unfair Tax Bill

Are you undergoing a cryptocurrency audit? Worried you'll get in trouble for not fully reporting? Read our comprehensive guide to IRS crypto audits.

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Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Taxes: 6 Things You Need to Know

Wondering how cryptocurrency taxes work? Get a crash course in the basics with our crypto tax guide.

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Crypto Tax Law: Virtual Currency Fairness Act

Virtual Currency Tax Fairness Act

With tax season comes new crypto tax law proposals, there are also new crypto laws around Capitol Hill, like the Virtual Currency Tax Fairness Act.

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Crypto Tax: Major International crypto tax lawsuit

Will Bithump's Case Change The Crypto Tax Landscape?

A South Korean crypto exchange, Bithump, filed a crypto tax dispute with the NTS, SK’s IRS, over $70 million. Will it impact the international industry?

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ICO Law: Lawsuits over SEC Advice

ICOs Sue Law Firms Over SEC Advice

An ICO is suing its law firm over advice that invited SEC trouble. Is it a valid case? Can you do the same? Will these cases withstand court scrutiny?

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