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Have you been slapped with an unfair tax bill? Are you unable to make payments on your debt? You need an experienced tax debt lawyer on your side. We’ve helped countless clients reach a solution that’s fair to them and satisfies the tax authorities.

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3 easy steps for tax debt relief

  1. Schedule a confidential consultation with our experienced tax attorneys
  2. Go over your options and develop a custom plan for your unique situation
  3. We negotiate with the IRS on your behalf and secure your best settlement terms

Proven tax debt attorneys

Need tax debt help? Our skilled tax attorneys will negotiate with the IRS or Illinois Department of Revenue on your behalf and secure your lowest possible settlement.

Once you have tax debt, the IRS penalties and interest add up faster than many people can pay. It may feel like you’re drowning with no way out. We’ve helped countless clients settle their tax bills and get their finances back on track.

We can help you with tax debt resulting from an audit, back taxes, or any number of other scenarios.

We pride ourselves on delivering unbeatable results and exceptional customer service throughout your case. We’re committed to providing personal and prompt attention to each and every client. With Gordon Law Group, you not only have experience on your side, but a dedicated, passionate team of attorneys you can always rely on!

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Get tax debt help with an installment agreement

Did you know you can settle tax debt with an IRS installment agreement? This can help you pay off your tax debt within a predefined time limit, and finally rest easy knowing your tax woes have come to an end. There are 2 types of installments available:

Streamlined Installment Agreement

A Streamlined Installment Agreement is the best option for paying IRS tax debt if your debt is below $50,000. Unlike other payment plans, if you qualify for a Streamlined Installment Agreement, you do not have to provide the IRS financial information such as your income, expenses, or equity in assets. However, the balance must be paid off within six years or before the Collection Statute Expiration Date. Interests and penalties may still be issued by the IRS until the full amount is paid.

Complex Installment Agreement

A Complex Installment Agreement is a payment plan for taxpayers who owe over $50,000. The balance must be paid off within 5 years (60 months) or before the Collection Statute Expiration Date. Interests and penalties may still be issued by the IRS until the full amount is paid.

With a Complex Installment Agreement, you must provide your financial information to determine a minimum monthly payment. The payment amount is calculated by subtracting monthly allowable expenses from your monthly gross income. 

Our experienced tax debt attorneys can negotiate your monthly payment down to as little as possible, helping you finally find the relief you need from overwhelming tax debt.

Call or contact us online today to schedule a confidential consultation.

Get tax debt help with an Offer in Compromise

Drowning in tax debt? You may find relief via an IRS Offer in Compromise, or OIC—an option that allows taxpayers to reduce outstanding IRS tax debts. We’ve guided countless clients through this program and negotiated their tax bills down to pennies on the dollar.

But be warned: The rules are inflexible and messing up can be costly. If you’re considering an Offer in Compromise, you need an experienced tax attorney who will fight for your rights, deliver the lowest tax bill possible, and be honest about what you can expect.

Stop IRS collections with Innocent Spouse Relief

Are you facing tax debt due to your spouse’s (or former spouse’s) actions? If you had no knowledge of their tax issues, you may qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief. This will reverse IRS collections of back taxes, penalties, and interest.

We’ve successfully helped many clients file for Innocent Spouse Relief. If the IRS is breathing down your neck, call our experienced tax attorneys today for a confidential consultation.