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Stressed over taxes? Our experienced tax lawyers are here to relieve the tension, handle the situation, and minimize your tax burden. If the IRS is breathing down your neck, we'll build you the best defense possible and be a staunch advocate every step of the way.

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Tax law cases: Gordon Law Group success stories

Here are just a few of the tax law victories we’ve secured for our clients. Need help with either personal or business taxes? Give us a call. We love saving clients money!

Tax law services
Tax Audit Defense
Our experienced tax attorneys will make the audit process as clear, simple, and painless as possible and fight tirelessly for your best results.
Tax Debt Help
Have you been slapped with an unfair tax bill? Unable to pay off your debt? You need an experienced tax lawyer on your side. We’ve helped countless clients reach a solution that’s fair to them and satisfies the tax authorities.
FBAR Lawyer & Foreign Disclosures
If you haven’t reported foreign assets in the past, we’re here for you. Our award-winning FBAR lawyers will help you understand your options and give you back your peace of mind.
Cryptocurrency Tax Lawyer
Master your crypto taxes with our seasoned professionals. Gordon Law Group is an industry leader in cryptocurrency tax law, and we’ve helped everyone from casual traders to major coin developers maximize profits while protecting themselves under the law.
Sales and Use Tax Audits
Our tax attorneys are highly skilled and experienced with state tax audits. We help clients fight sales and use tax audits, minimize their collection amounts, and stay sane throughout the process.
Tax Fraud Lawyer
Don’t let fear of a tax fraud investigation keep you up at night! With the help of our aggressive tax fraud lawyers, you can achieve favorable results or even avoid a criminal investigation altogether.
Criminal Tax Attorney
Is the IRS breathing down your neck? Our skilled criminal tax attorneys have guided many clients safely through an IRS investigation, and we can do the same for you.

What can a tax lawyer do for you?

Our tax lawyers are well versed in local, state, federal, and even international tax laws. To put it simply, we protect your assets by helping you comply with these laws, and defend you when the IRS or Illinois Department of Revenue come knocking.

Many of our clients call us because they have a problem that’s making them want to pull their hair out: an IRS audit, a warning letter, or an enormous tax bill. When you’re in the midst of a tax crisis, you need a tax attorney who’s experienced, understanding, and accessible—and that’s where Gordon Law Group shines.

We know exactly how to deal with the IRS or the Illinois Department of Revenue; we provide clear guidance to you throughout the process; and we pride ourselves on making every client a top priority, so you’ll never be left waiting and worrying.

Exceptional service. Unbeatable results. That’s our promise to you.

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International tax matters

Today’s marketplace is a global one, which means businesses must mind local, state, national, and even international tax concerns. Our team of tax lawyers regularly helps online entrepreneurs and established businesses craft the best global tax positions.

Tax compliance process

Due to increased cross-border commerce, tax compliance is more complicated than ever. Our tax lawyers work closely with individuals, businesses, and non-profits with financial and tax calculation and reporting requirements, including FBAR matters.