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If you haven’t reported foreign assets in the past, we’re here for you. Our award-winning FBAR lawyers will help you make sense of your options, guide you safely through the disclosure process, and give you back your peace of mind.

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  2. Develop a custom plan for your unique situation
  3. We reconcile your accounts, file your disclosure paperwork, and answer all your questions throughout the process

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    What can an FBAR lawyer do for you?

    Our skilled FBAR attorneys are here to help with all forms of foreign asset disclosures, whether you’re filing for this year or correcting past years.

    First, we’ll help you choose the best course of action: Streamlined Offshore Disclosure, the Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP), or other avenues. Choosing the right path can save you thousands in IRS penalties!

    We’ll also complete your foreign disclosure for you, filling out all your paperwork and speaking to the IRS on your behalf. We make the process easy and stress-free so you can go back to living your life. So far, we’ve completed more than 100 streamlined disclosures with no errors or rejections!

    Full service FBAR & foreign disclosure attorneys

    We’ll develop your custom disclosure plan and make the process ridiculously easy for you.

    Our service includes:

    • Gathering your FBAR filing documents (including those issued by foreign governments)
    • Completing all of your paperwork
    • Crafting your foreign asset disclosure narrative
    • Speaking to IRS examiners on your behalf

    Plus, we can complete your tax returns with FBARs or other foreign disclosure forms going forward to ensure you never have this problem again!

    Stressing over the IRS? FBAR lawyers can help

    Procrastination doesn’t pay; the sooner you square away your foreign disclosure obligations, the less stress and FBAR penalties you’ll have. Let us help. Schedule your confidential consultation today!

    • Assess holdings and craft a compliant filing plan that’s as favorable to you as possible
    • Work out plans to file FBAR reports for previous years
    • Negotiate settlements with the IRS
    • Save money by leveraging every provision and tax position at your disposal

    FBAR lawyers with extensive disclosure experience

    Gordon Law Group is one of the few firms with extensive FBAR experience; we’ve seen and solved countless related matters. If you’ve failed to report foreign holdings on past tax disclosures accurately—or it’s your first time filing taxes with overseas holdings—we’re here to make sure things go smoothly. Our team has successfully helped hundreds of people just like you. The process is typically a lot less painful than imagined.

    We negotiate with the IRS

    If you don’t know if you need to file, or what you need to disclose, our tax team is here to help. If you’re being audited or the IRS has already targeted you for not filing an FBAR, we can take the reins, handle the negotiations, and guide you safely to the other side of your tax dilemma.

    Our attorneys have a great deal of tax litigation and criminal tax law experience. We can advise you on everything associated with making a voluntary disclosure and filing an FBAR.

    If an IRS auditor contacts you, having attorneys with extensive experience on your side is invaluable. We can work with IRS investigators, and our tax law knowledge can shift the odds in your favor.

    We know exactly what you should say in response to an IRS investigator’s questions, so get in touch today to begin the conversation. A confidential consultation with our experienced FBAR lawyers could ultimately save you money, time, and considerable hassles.

    Ask an FBAR lawyer

    Who is required to file an FBAR?

    Anybody with $10,000 or more in foreign holdings—bank accounts, business transactions, investment dividends, etc.—must file an annual FBAR form along with their tax return. Learn more about FBAR filing requirements here.

    Must I pay taxes on foreign earnings, even if I’m living overseas?

    Yes. The United States government taxes all citizens on all earnings, even if it comes from other parts of the world—whether it be from foreign properties, online business income, or an international asset, you must report it to the IRS.

    How much tax must I pay on foreign gains?

    This depends on several factors. Contact an FBAR lawyer who can guide you through the process and determine the best possible route for your specific situation.

    What is the penalty for not submitting an annual FBAR filing?

    Failing to file FBAR can result in fines up to $250,000, 5 years in federal prison, or both. If you deliberately fail to comply, you’re also subject to a $100,000 fine or 50% of the account balance. In some instances, failing to file can also result in deportation.

    Are there any opportunities for FBAR amnesty?

    In some instances, yes, the IRS is willing to negotiate settlements. It’s best to work with an FBAR lawyer to improve your chances of securing amnesty agreements.

    What is the difference between a noisy and quiet disclosure?

    There are two different types of disclosure methods: “noisy” and “quiet.” “Noisy” voluntary disclosure means using one of the IRS’s dedicated programs to correct your taxes: either streamlined disclosures or the Voluntary Disclosure Procedure. Many FBAR cases are eligible for streamlined disclosures, which offer minimal penalties. Submitting a noisy voluntary disclosure can protect you from criminal prosecution.

    For various reasons, some people opt for the “quiet voluntary disclosure” route: amending old tax returns without using an official IRS program. Though it may appear like your best choice at first glance, in many cases, quiet disclosure isn’t the wisest option. Officials tend to treat these types of respondents more harshly should issues arise.

    Can I file my overseas financial disclosure on my own, without the help of an FBAR lawyer?

    Every citizen can file their taxes and FBAR disclosures without help, but consider: Would an experienced attorney, who knows all the minutiae of how the process works, serve your interests  better and possibly save you money in the long run? And remember, failing to file—or even filing erroneously—can land you in criminal trouble.

    Can the IRS figure out if I’m avoiding FBAR filings?

    Yes, it can. Banks in many countries will ask point-blank if you’re a US citizen, and if you say yes, they will report your information to the IRS. The agency can also track you down nearly anywhere in the world by using John Doe subpoenas and strategic resources.

    What are the consequences for not filing foreign disclosures?

    The consequences of not filing an annual FBAR disclosure can be seismic and costly. Learn more about FBAR penalties here. To ensure the best possible outcome, consider working with an experienced FBAR lawyer.