New Tax Code: What You Need To Know About Real Estate Pass-Through Deductions

Oct 02, 2018

Let's talk about tax deductions for real estate agents in Illinois Let’s quickly discuss how the new tax code affects real estate professionals.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 created a 20 percent tax deduction for some types of pass through businesses.  However, certain professionals — like attorneys, consultants, financial advisors, and brokerage services — were limited in their ability to use the deduction.

Real estate agents were among the professionals to get swept up in the confusion because the term “brokerage services” remained ambiguous.

But there’s good news! The IRS issued a clarification: Services provided by “real estate agents and brokers, or insurance agents and brokers” are eligible for the deduction.

Real Estate Pass-Through Deductions Under The New Tax Code: Profit Standards and Considerations

The real estate pass-through deduction is income dependent. Agents and brokers who make less than $157,500 annually automatically qualify for the 20 percent deduction. Same goes for couples, filing jointly, who make $315,000 or less. Brokers who make more typically calculate using Q-2 wages.

Despite the real estate pass-through clarification, many landlords who collect rent under triple net leases still aren’t sure if they qualify for the 20 percent deduction. Whether or not a business structure meets the standard for an active “trade or business” is the determining factor.

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