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Our Chicago business lawyers help you thrive with a holistic approach to legal, financial, and tax issues. Our experience in all stages of business development works to secure your long-lasting success.

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Long-lasting compliance and profitability

Some Chicago business lawyers will advise clients to focus, singularly, on putting out fires. But we believe that effective solutions include prevention measures. Our team of lawyers takes a holistic approach; we’re skilled at identifying potential bombs before they blow and pinpointing overlooked cost-saving strategies.

Chicago business lawyers for all development stages

Our clients typically stick with us throughout every stage of development. Over the years, we’ve gained invaluable experience at every level—allowing us to best serve a wide variety of individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes.

Industry and government contacts benefit you

We believe in the power of building strong, lasting relationships. Our team has developed and maintained important contacts in both the government and business worlds—and the information we gather is used to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Multi-disciplined Chicago business lawyers

Our Chicago business lawyers can help with everything from corporate formation to contract negotiations and governance consultations.

Gordon Law Group also has an in-house accounting division. As a result, we’re uniquely equipped to handle myriad business transactions—takeovers, mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, joint ventures, general sales, stock/asset purchases—and the attendant tax implications.

International, federal, state, and local coverage

Today’s market is a global one, and as such, businesses must be mindful of international, federal, state, and local regulations. Failure to comply at any level can result in steep penalties—and in the most extreme cases, criminal charges.