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Small Business Spotlight: Reporter and Entrepreneur Lindsay Hoffman on Chasing Success

Lindsay Hoffman of the motivational show Dose of Bliss shares advice on building your network, handling taxes, and creatively maintaining revenue streams amidst a global pandemic.

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Small Business Spotlight: Esports Player FlamesworD on Entrepreneurship & a Fast-Changing Industry

Professional esports player FlamesworD spoke to Gordon Law Group on the tax, business, and personal challenges of the esports world.

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Small Business Spotlight: Gary Strauss (BIG & little’s) on Running a Restaurant Chain

One of the owners of popular BIG & little's restaurant talks about the changing restaurant landscape, the growing importance of marketing, and lessons learned from COVID.

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Small Business Spotlight: Mistey Nguyen Talks Restaurant Marketing Amid COVID-19

Mistey Nguyen of MADN Agency for restaurant marketing talks about how she and her clients are adapting to COVID-19.

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Cryptocurrency Audit: How to Avoid an Unfair Tax Bill

Are you undergoing a cryptocurrency audit? Worried you'll get in trouble for not fully reporting? Read our comprehensive guide to IRS crypto audits.

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Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Taxes: 6 Things You Need to Know

Wondering how cryptocurrency taxes work? Get a crash course in the basics with our crypto tax guide.

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IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program

The IRS Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP) gives taxpayers a chance to avoid criminal tax charges by submitting their late or corrected tax returns and agreeing to pay the penalties.

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FBAR Penalty: Non-Filing and Other Violations

The FBAR penalty—whether you fail to file or file inaccurately—can be serious, including hefty fines or even jail time. It depends on your situation, but even accidental violations can lead to harsh punishments.

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FBAR Filing Requirements

Everything you need to know about FBAR Filing Requirements: Who needs to file, what types of accounts qualify, & what to do if you haven't filed FBARs.

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