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Mike FlamesworD Chaves - Small Business Spotlight
Small Business Spotlight: Esports Player FlamesworD on Entrepreneurship & a Fast-Changing Industry
Our latest Small Business Spotlight guest is Mike Chaves, known in the esports world as FlamesworD. [...]
Future of Esports Tax - How Is Esports Prize Money Taxed?
The Esports Tax Reckoning: What Players and Teams Need to Know
Esports tax regulations are changing rapidly. The industry is skyrocketing, and thanks to its growin [...]
Esports Law: Tfue lawsuit update
Checking in With the Tfue v. FaZe Clan Esports Lawsuit: A Suspension?
There’s been movement in the Tfue v. FaZe Clan esports lawsuit. Representatives for the popula [...]
Esports Law: A Change in U.S. Visa Law Could Devastate the Overwatch League
Professional gamers, team owners, executives, and industry investors tied to the Overwatch esports l [...]
Let Them Game! Esports Can Lead to a College Scholarship!
Yes, video games are a viable path to academic and career success. Just ask Julia Cwierz of Vauxhall [...]
Esports Trademark Law: Anheuser-Busch Wants To Be Esports’ Official Beer
Esports may soon have an “official” brew — at least that’s what Anheuser-Busch hopes. The co [...]
The Law v. FaZe Clan: A Look at the Esports’ Organization’s Recent Legal Headaches
FaZe Clan — the high-profile esports organization — is currently riding a rough legal wave. One [...]
Esports Law: Do Publishers Present An Antitrust Threat?
Several weeks back, William Stark, Steve Walkowiak, and Katie Tipper-McWhorter published an article [...]
Esports Legal Lessons from the Tfue v. Faze Clan Conflict
A popular professional e-sports athlete is suing his organization over contract disagreements. Are t [...]