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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property plays a huge part in today’s digital marketplace. Our firm regularly works with individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses on various copyright and trademark transactional matters. If you need to formally register copyrights or trademarks, we can handle it. Has somebody infringed on your copyright or trademark? We’re here to help.

Below is a collection of intellectual property blog posts. If you’d like to learn more about our intellectual property legal practice, get in touch!

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E-commerce Law: Amazon anti-counterfeit initiative

Amazon Teaming Up To Stamp Out Counterfeits

Amazon is teaming up with law enforcement to battle counterfeiting on the e-commerce platform. Online sellers should click to learn about the major change.

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Kidfluencer legal issues

Kidfluencer Law: What You Need To Know

Kidfluencers are the new supermodels! Click through for an overview of legal considerations for kidfluencers and social media influencers.

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Chicago Lawyer Blog: Online Copyright Issues

Can You Now Use Any Image Found Online?

In this blog post we discuss the Brammer online intellectual property lawsuit, which explores fair use limits for art work discoverable online.

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