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Gordon Law Group assists clients with everything from establishing offshore tax positions to settling tax conflicts. We work with individuals, startups, established businesses, non-profits, schools, for-profit organizations, and trade associations.

Proudly, our tax law team has earned “rising star” status 3 years running from Lawyers Magazine. We understand the ins-and-outs of the field, and perhaps most importantly, are creative problem solvers who know how to save you money.

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Chicago Law Blog: Tax Audit

Audited by the IRS: What to Do Next

Being audited by the IRS? Learn the most common reasons for an IRS tax audit, how to prepare for an audit, and your legal options.

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IRS News: Beware of Scammers

Don’t Fall For IRS Scam Calls and Other Scams!

It's tax time, and scammers are out in full force trying to con money out of people. Click through for a tax time scam overview to keep yourself safe.

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Tax Law: Opportunity Zone Tax Shelter Program Under Investigation

Opportunity Zones Under Investigation

The Opportunity Zone program was conceived as a win-win for poor areas and investors looking to defer tax payments. But there's trouble in policy paradise.

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Mobile Tax Law: Venmo Tax Implications

If Your Business Uses Venmo, Read This Now

Are you using Venmo as a payment option for your business. Do you reimburse employees via Venmo? If yes, do you know about the tax implications of doing that?

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Tax Law: Opportunity Zone Updates

Opportunity Zone Updates Expand Program

The Opportunity Zone program is a government-developed tax shelter for high-net-worth individuals. Is the program right for you?

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Tax Law: alimony tax-deduction replacements

The Alimony Deduction is Gone. Now What?

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act got rid of the alimony tax deduction. In this article we talk about strategies to offset the lost tax deduction.

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Tax Law: Accidental Americans international tax amnesty

Tax Help for “Accidental Americans”

EU representatives sent a letter to the United States urging a new plan for people caught in a cross-border tax web. Will the US listen and comply?

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tax law: tips for lowering 2019 taxes

Tax Law: 2019 Tax Saving Tips For You

Tax season is lurking right around the corner, but you still have time to make some moves that will help reduce your tax burden. Jump in to learn.

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Ecommerce Law: California sales tax collection letters

Did California Send You A Crazy Sales Tax Bill?

Did California send you a huge sales tax bill? It happened to thousands of online sellers, but you may not have to pay it. Jump in to learn more.

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